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Long Life, Happiness, and Prosperity

This is the first time in my life I have promised the director of a movie that yes, I would tell all my friends about it. So here you go.

Long Life, Happiness, and Prosperity is a movie being shown as part of the Toronto International Film Festival, running through this coming Sunday. It already has a distributor, Odeon, and so should be coming to a movie screen near you somewhen in the next few months to a year. The director and 5 of the stars came to the showing, and the director answered questions afterwards. This is why I happened to pass her in the aisle while leaving the theater and briefly thanked her for making such a nice movie. Thus the above scenario.

The movie was originally designed to be three different films in a trilogy, one named after each of the different parts of the title. As was, I think it worked very nicely as one group of three interwoven stories in a Vancouver where magic works in subtle and charming ways, and one man's fortune can be another family's failure. It's a movie about human relationships in everyday life. There's a romance, strains between 3 generations of fathers and sons, the prospect of winning the lottery, an elderly man dealing with being made redundant, a lost turtle, Buddhist monks, some vivacious women, a Chinese restauran, a butcher shop, a strange woman dealing in magic - a whole assortment which weaves together quite successfully I thought. There's some wonderful comedy, and some sobering drama. The comedy was especially funny... there's a very winningly good love triangle.

At the moment, the ending seemed mildly abrupt, but only mildly so, and I haven't had a chance to discuss the movie with anyone else, to get their feedback, since, although there were plenty of other people in the audience, I don't know any of them.