S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Blue skies

My seatmate asked me if I have a favorite airline, and I was baffled. I don't like airlines which charge full fare prices to provide no frills service, as so many US airlines are doing with food and drink and headsets. I'm not keen on charters. Otherwise, I am not overly picky in my airlines. I'm fond of inexpensive tickets.

My seatmate lived in Australia for three years. There were eight-year-olds who boarded at his wife's school; they lived on a sheep farm, and the commute was too far.

My seatmate knew far more about the effects of Roman roads on the speed of a force march, as a geographer in the navy.

My seatmate passed on the lovely news that more and more conferences are taking place on cruise ships, and that for companies which send their executives flying first class across the Atlantic, it's actually cheaper for them to take a boat across the ocean, so long as they're willing to take the time out of their holidays.

The hour and a half sped by in conversation while the plane flew through blue skies flecked with fluffy white clouds. From the grey humidity of D.C. to the clear skies and heat of Toronto, we talked of spinning wheels, the Thames barrier, and the Pacific Rim.
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