S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! The streets are quiet. Most stores are closed. The sky is overcast, the day cool. It's a lovely day for staying indoors in the warmth and napping.

I haven't had quite enough sleep for several nights. It's so easy to stay out, ekeing out the evening hours with friends. Yesterday, I woke up early to roast a turkey; today, saffronjan and John put together a lovely breakfast for me, scones, croissants, whipped butter, and a mango-orange juice-champagne confection, garnished with bobbing cranberries. Too tired to stay awake, I napped on their sofa for a while, wrapped up in a blanket.

And now the afternoon is peaceful. I would have loved to see B.P. or forthright and curtana, but plans didn't work out. Instead, I have a moment to catch up on some reading and correspondance, online and off.

Last night, aerinah and her apartment mates hosted a potluck thanksgiving, for which I roasted the turkey. aerinah and J.F. and I played Settlers of Catan into the late afternoon, when cooking whirled around us. There were wonderful sweet potatoes and corn pudding and salad and fruit and pasta salad and two kinds of gravy and wild rice pilaf and chili-coated dried beef and rum pumpkin pie and red bean paste treats, a multi-cultural feast.

To all of you I never saw while here, or only saw once and hoped to see again: I'll be back in December. I've turned in the paperwork to schedule my defense now. The bureaucratic wheels are turning. If you have time in mid-December, coordinate with me - I was sorry I didn't have more time with you this time around.
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