S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Many things to do

I think I've finally finished my month of RA work. I think that's the last of the creatures I need to track down. I've arranged a way to use up my residual hours for the other professor I was working for last year. I bought a plane ticket. I went to a Film Festival movie. And I briefly ran into my advisor, who's back, complete with recently broken nose, and we'll talk more later this week. I have a conference paper proposal I need to send out REALLY soon. But tomorrow is more tranquil and the conference paper material is my most important task for the day. (See? A goal!)

Meanwhile, I received a flurry of invitations inviting me to events which I can no longer attend on Friday night. Ah well. Jess especially seems doomed to invite me to do things just when I'll be physically on an airplane, and it's not as if I travel THAT much.

Meanwhile, I picked up a number of books today, thanks to seeing the professor to whom I still owe work hours, including a history of the thermometer, Huizinga's Waning of the Middle Ages, and a George Sarton book.
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