S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
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Finally, I have a printer again! Except, rather inconveniently, I can either have the printer or the computer plugged in at any given time. This is not for lack of sockets, but for lack of plug converters. The printer was incorrectly shipped with a continental plug, and my computer has an American/Canadian plug on it. At least it's a laptop, so I can still print.

Build your own mechanical bat! Construct your own graveyard! (via ozarque)

I was very sorry to hear about the Vallejo wine storage facility fire the other day. Not to mention the Aardman Animations warehouse fire (which is, admittedly, less financially catastrophic, if of more sentimental value for me.)

Thanks to easterbunny's birthday party yesterday, I've become better acquainted with more of the Pie People, had a small world moment involving a new acquaintance who once dated someone I knew from York, and have eaten tacos in England for the first time in years. Mexican food is not one of this country's strengths, but easterbunny hails from the southern U.S., so she knows exactly what American Mexican food requires. Guacamole is crucial. The black bean salad was a particular highlight.

I've been reorganizing parts of the apartment lately, otherwise known as "settling in". I considered various wine racks in catalogs yesterday - and found a much better one, more inexpensively, at the supermarket today. Of course, all I had to put on it was one bottle of wine and a rolling pin, but it's important to have somewhere to put one's rolling pin. It's the little things that make a home feel more homelike.
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