S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Fun with SIPs

Playing with Amazon's Statistically Improbably Phrase (SIP) function yields all sorts of felicitous phrases. (I admit to wondering what SIPs various dictionaries, thesauruses, cookbooks, and guide books would yield, but have thus far searched unfruitfully for any of those kinds of volumes.) The phrases tend to be more entertaining with non-fiction, and more revealing with fiction.

Except for series of books set in the same world, many of you should be able to identify which book these SIPs are from on sight. I have not in the least tried for obscurity and I've erred on the side of these being books I've frequently mentioned at various points in the past.

  1. fire lizard eggs, nine fire lizards, fire lizard queen, little fire lizards, fellis juice, kitchen cavern, bronze rider, queen egg, little queen
  2. plasma rifle, sweet madness, green sedan, motorway services
  3. turnip face, scarlet suit, square knob, moving castle, fire demon, caterpillar green, broom cupboard, her stick, harbor wall, league boots
  4. new manservant, madhouse attendants, fairy roads, practical magician, nameless slave, fairy servants, school for magicians, little surprized, four hundred guineas, little stone figure, two magicians, packhorse bridge, new magicians, moss oak, chalk road, much surprized, magical history, country servants, century magician, her ladyship, magic done, second shall, great surprize, fairy spirits, other magicians
  5. shepherding hut, curse nets, pink rhinoceros, her pointy hat, pig trick, got tae, older witches, third wish
  6. soldier with the green whiskers, four travellers, stuffed man, silver shoes, green girl
  7. inner cliff face, papal corruption, watery vapors, celestial horizon, fiery vapors, dry vapors, mortal understanding, heavenly souls, first ledge, final pit, cannot plumb

And lastly, a more obscure set, just for one particular person who might be reading this: "blank charters, mine honor, base court, thy state".

Update: If you want to guess at these, feel free! Just don't look at the existing comments first.
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