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So far, there have been two minorly awkward things to my morning. The doorbell ran before I was out of bed, so I had to hastily get out, run all the way downstairs, and then the guy was walking away and I was in pyjamas, so I went all the way back upstairs, got dressed, came back down, and found one of the workmen to ask: they were turning off the water for an hour. So, since there was going to be no water, I very hastily took a shower. Just as I was getting out, the phone rang. So I left damp footprints across the house and scurried towards the phone... only to have it turn silent. I'm nearly positive it only rang twice, so hopefully it was just a wrong number. But still. At least I'm safely dressed and alert now, but odds are good that neither the phone nor the doorbell will ring again today. They often don't.

I want to have my conference paper propsal emailed off by the end of this morning, and then run errands at school. There's a farewell party for our departing administrative coordinator, and I need to do laundry tonight so I'll be able to pack for the trip. At some point I need to buy a pre-roasted chicken (I'm too lazy to do it myself) and perhaps bake something for the party I'm missing on Saturday. I have a housewarming gift to acquire, a fax to send, and some appointments to arrange for. If I have the time, though, I'm willing to postpone a number of my errands until Thursday and have my hair trimmed. It really needs it.