S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Several hundred words

I'm reasonably good at being very concise. One hundred words or less on a topic I know something about? Not a problem.

I'm reasonably good at being somewhat verbose too. A few thousand words on a topic I know something about? Not a problem either.

I've spent the last day or two finishing off my second-ever encyclopedia article, with another two similar deadlines coming up in the near future. I'm finding it remarkably challenging to write 500-1000 words on these topics. Writing in concise mode, 500-1000 is a huge number of words - and it's too short to write in verbose mode. If only they required 100 or 3000 words instead....

Still, it's a useful range to practice writing in for a number of reasons. In addition to encyclopedia entries and book reviews, I suspect it's a good range for pitching articles to popular journals.
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