S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Checking in

I feel content with today, if not overwhelmed by any stretch by my productivity. The errands were run, the articles were printed/copied/dropped off, and I spent some time talking to people in my year of the program. One of them is (somewhat surprisingly) getting married next year. She just had her first book review accepted. Another is teaching a class this summer and gave 4 papers this year. I don't feel inadequate, so much as there is a great deal I need to do. Happily. Sometimes I'm easily intimidated by what others accomplish.

We're waiting around for L. to arrive for dinner. She's running late, which is fine. The oven is pre-heating for the pastries which may or may not be completely inedible. The pastry store is quite competent - but their fridge broke yesterday. More later - she's about to arrive.
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