S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

One conference proposal, submitted

It's done, and emailed away, and I even venture to say it looks good! I couldn't have done it - and have been happy with it - without skeller's proofreading. Thank you! Even if it's not accepted for the session I actually want to be in, I should be at least able to present it somewhere at the overall conference. I'm also sending off an offer to preside at a session, so between the two of them, I'm hoping to have some sort of official place at the conference this year!

And best of all, it's closely tied in to my dissertation topic, so my work towards it will be immediately constructive.

Speaking of talks - I ran into the coordinator of the Early Modern Discussion group yesterday and asked her a few questions about the fifteenth century. When she found out I was working on a subject which extended that late, she asked if I might like to give a talk for the group this year. I think I would. That'd be another good, constructive deadline to work towards.

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