S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Parts, pieces, and hangers

Two days and three pieces of Ikea furniture* later, C.'s parents have left with their power drill, C.'s brother has caught his plane back to Germany, and a great many of my books are put away. The wardrobe - which was the long and complicated piece of the Ikea puzzle - will be a great deal more useful when I have a great many more hangers.

Hangers are funny things. When I moved to Toronto, I went to my local dry cleaner and asked if they'd sell me hangers. Instead of charging me, I was given more than I could comfortably carry and never again lacked for hangers in Toronto. Here, our generically-furnished apartment arrived with ten Ikea hangers. I begged another ten off our local dry cleaner and bought skirt hangars, but I need more of both. C.'s mother promises me some of her surfeit when I'm up in Manchester for American Thanksgiving. Hangers are one of those minor things in life for which it just doesn't seem worth paying 50p or more each, the price for which the nearer shops sell them. Eventually, eventually, we will have properly moved into this apartment. I just hope it happens before we start to move out again.

* My thanks again for lazyknight's services in picking up the furniture in the first place!

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