S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


My hair is curly, or at least fairly wavy with curly bits underneath now that I've grown it out. I went in for a hair trim yesterday, just a little one to clean up split ends, and made it clear to the hairdresser that, other than dealing with the trim, I didn't really care how she dried it. It was all good. Rather unexpectedly, I've ended up with temporarily straight hair! She blowdried it that way. I don't recognize my shadow anymore!

It won't last. All my underlayers are already curly again, as they like to be, but my top layers will probably obediently stay how they were put until I next wash my hair. I might never be straight-haired again, so C. has documented it with photos. (We'll email you some, family members who might be reading this.)

In other news, I think the world was telling me yesterday that yes, it does want me to write my dissertation this year. I was panicking over desk assignments, and I'm the only one in my department who won't be sharing a desk at all this year - I have my very own! I sent off my conference paper proposal, and faxed in an offer to preside over a session. I met some useful people on campus in the process of arranging for meeting space, and I'm very, very proud of my department for contributing to the conference I'm helping out on. (Deadline for applying to Vagantes is the first of October!)

The news from the Latin exams wasn't so good. Very few additional people from my class last year passed this time around.

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