S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I went home in order to attend the memorial service for the friend who died in August. It was a wonderful memorial service. I think Louise would have liked it. It was good, and affectionate, and funny. Ten different people spoke, all representing different aspects of her life. My mother spoke. Afterwards there were nibbles and lots of socialization and visiting with people I don't see nearly often enough.

Other things while at home...

- A trip to Chat Noir, a coffee shop. Good crepes.

- Dinner with just my sister and me, a chance to catch up and eat an amazing, rich chocolate souffle with ice cream and berries. Yum.

- A breakfast meeting, brief, but good, with friends and my sister. The second time I'd seen the twins in a month.

- A trip to Grinnell College's gallery to see their current show of Italian Prints and Drawings, temporarily in the country from Iowa's sister state in Italy, the Veneto. My father gave a gallery talk to about 30 people, an unusually large crowd for a field trip. It went well.

- Dinner with family friends at a new English-style pub in town. They had 6 kinds of Chimay, and I've finally found another decent cider: Woodchuck.

- Trip out on a motorboat with a friend I haven't seen since Amsterdam in '99. We saw thousands of pelicans floating in enormous groups on the lake.

- This was the second time in my life I've been to temple, this time for Yom Kippur. The service was beautiful, the music especially.

- Afterwards, there was an elegant buffet-style dinner in honor of breaking the fast (thus the incentive to attend the service), at the house of a friend of the family's. The mini-latkes were delicious, as was the squash-based soup served in espresso cups.

The flights were all quiet and uneventful. I'm now halfway through re-reading Emma.

I finished Pastwatch on the way down and it temporarily threw off my sense of history. Someone mentioned atrocities visited upon Native Americans and my initial mental reaction was 'What atrocities? That history was redone so it never happened, what with the engineered virus and everything, wasn't it?' And then, of course, I realized how wrong I was. The book wasn't immensely well written, but Orson Scott Card certainly has some amazing ideas. It gave me plenty to think about.

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