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I've been following several journeys this week. Our houseguest came from the states en route to Lebanon. CDL, today's lunch date, was journeying from St. Andrews to Barcelona. But the journey which I cared the most about, the one I tracked the most closely - for all I love my friends - was this one:

26-01-2006 10:27 Delivery Agent - CANADA - Parcel delivered
26-01-2006 07:42 Delivery Agent - CANADA - Arrived at delivery depot
25-01-2006 10:48 International Hub - Left origin country
24-01-2006 20:48 Delivery Agent - TORONTO - On route to delivery depot
24-01-2006 20:46 Delivery Agent - TORONTO- Arrived in destination country
23-01-2006 19:20 Charlton Depot - Export item accepted into network
23-01-2006 19:20 Charlton Depot - On route to hub
23-01-2006 16:58 Charlton Depot - Collected from customer

That's the necessary paperwork and check for $20 (not included in tuition) which must be turned along with the final version of my dissertation. The dissertation itself I emailed. If all goes according to plan, it should all be submitted this afternoon in Toronto.

  • While waiting to cross the street the other night, en route to meet our houseguest, I stopped to note the name of the street I was crossing, Minories. I didn't know how to pronounce it though. I waited for a while at our intended meeting point, and after several minutes, a woman stopped to ask me for directions to the Minories. I could tell her! And was exceedingly grateful to now know how to pronounce it.
  • I've been the daughter-of-a-friend, still-a-student, younger person for years, the sort of person for whom older or better employed people generously offer to pay for meals. It was an unexpected thrill for me to be in the reverse position at lunch today! For once, having a few extra birthdays under my belt was an advantage.
  • Today is altimeter day on my friendslist. I can go months without anyone posting about altimeters, but two of you posted about them today.
  • For the first time two or three months, I have nothing planned for this weekend. What luxury!

I gave my seminar at Imperial College last night. It went reasonably well. The PhD seminar series is intended to present works in progress. I used this as an excuse to recruit input into the beginings of several possible spin-off topics from my dissertation. The audience was helpful, with several of them offering specific sources and museums to follow up with. We continued our conversations at the scheduled monthly departmental wine-and-cheese, and then at the pub afterwards.

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