S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Between email from my sister and a phone call with Kev (Durham UK friend), I recieved much news today.

My sister is coming to visit for her birthday, so I can start making lots of celebratory plans in her honor! I'm thinking of a Lion King trip as well. C.'s never seen it either. Perhaps a party for her on her birthday. Plus we're already invited to someone else's birthday party that weekend, so Maria can come along for Yvonne's.

Kev's news was all over the place. Eve, a recently-married friend, is pregnant, due around the time of Kev's wedding so I'm unlikely to see her there. Two friends from York are marrying each other in November, and I had no idea they were seeing each other! (No one I know from that part of my life has LJs to the best of my knowledge, so there's no point going into further details.) And someone else I knew from York died a few weeks back of an asthma attack. Meanwhile, Kev and I were plotting how to get C. his suit for Kev's wedding in April.

Kev also reminded me I need to send more random emails. I used to be such a good correspondant! Then came email... now LJ. It's all eroded my regular letters to friends. I'll endeavor to change my ways back again and write more. I love receiving paper letters. I badly owe my undergraduate roommate a letter. I owe people I know in Toronto letters.

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