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Membership confusion

It ought to be okay. I'm definitely the one in the right. I forgot my UTARPA membership card last night, but was deeply confident in the knowledge that it was still valid. If it's still valid, they can issue one-off passes. They looked up my membership and found it expired back in May. Hmm, must've misremembered, I thought. I bought another 12 months of membership. Most people do 3 months at a time, but I can't be bothered waiting in line that often.

Anyways, just looked at the card - doesn't expire until February of next year. So now I have 2 memberships with 5 months of overlap. They'd better combine it or I shall be Very Unhappy. I also figured out where the May expiration date came from - they must've processed mine with a whole sequence of 3 month renewals and automatically put in my expiry date for 3 months after I bought it.