S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Answer me these questions three

  1. How difficult is it to find unfurnished rental property in London? We haven't looked. Our next door neighbor says it's nearly impossible.
  2. Can you recommend me an edition and/or translation of the Legenda Aurea?
  3. If I were to invest in, say, a used paperback of the Canterbury Tales (because my Riverside Chaucer is back in the states and really hard to get to...), what edition would you recommend?

I was intrigued to be given the wrong book at the BL today - and then discover that the reason I'd been given that one is because it was on reserve for a J. Worthen. My last name's rare enough that that was rather exciting. Also, no matter how many times I use microfilm machines, I always feel slightly inept with them. Today's struggle was to feed the film through in the first place - despite having done it many times before in the past, and despite printed instructions on the machine itself to remind me.
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