S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Patio party

C. and I spent most of today at a bbq/pool party way out in Scarborough. Thanks to this party, I have now been through every stop on the Toronto subway system. (I don't count the light rail system as part of it). It was all with people who used to work at C.'s company, at a pleasant suburban house where they've done an impressive job relandscaping the backyard. A hottub, spacious pool, lots and lots of flagstones, a large tree, and some low maintenance mini-evergreens with mulch lining the border.

The day started out warm, so I wore shorts. Mid-afternoon, the wind started to blow. A light shower fell. The sun reappeared, and all was well, well enough that at this point the hosts put food on the barbecue and eventually we ate. Then the heavens opens up and the rain poured down. We all ran indoors to warm ourselves from the damp and plummeting temperatures. Some brave souls who brought swimsuits went back outside for a swim and a soak - heated pool, so no misery there. It was a good day, lots of congenial people, and good to meet some of the people C. knows through work.

I couldn't find my swimsuit, but the process of looking for it made me realize just how much clothing I have stashed away, waiting to mended or hand-washed or drycleaned. I need to do lots of organization of the house in the next week. Jenene will be up a few times. My sister's coming for a visit. cwjatwill likely be staying here for a bit. I want to buy another set of bookshelves. Sort through boxes. Figure out a way to keep my necklaces from getting all tangled up - could go back to ziplock bags I suppose, but then I need a place to store the ziplock bags. I need new harp strings and a washed kitchen floor. I want a professional website, papers sorted into their binders, and to finish the book I'm reading. I want to file all the bills and bank statements away, and figure out where I really want to store my music. And yet I still have entire days of feeling lackluster and without focus. And then there's the dissertation.

I was just discussion "extreme programming" with C. The process is sensible, even if the name is pretty silly. It just consists of dividing up tasks into 3 week or smaller tasks, and doing a nightly build of the working components with automated test cases. It's an easy way to keep the client updated on how far along the project is going, and gives the client frequent opportunities to give feedback on the product and update the requirements. It also sounds like a sensible way to work on a dissertation. I'll think about how I could implement something like this.

Tomorrow: First badminton class, latin, eye appointment (I so want new glasses), and, hopefully, opera tickets.

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