S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Trivial things

  • My building is thinking of installing a large aquarium in the lobby. Just thinking about the possibility makes me happy. Fishes! (I prefer to enjoy other peoples' pets and not take on the responsibility of keeping them alive myself.)
  • We had a lovely Thai eggplant salad for dinner tonight, the third successful dish from the cookbook C. gave me for Christmas, Seductions of Rice. I had begun to think I wasn't too keen on rice in general, but it turns out I was just bored of basmati.
  • I have discovered, to my delight, that LJ no longer breaks down into day-by-day views after viewing more than 50 entries back into a journal's past. It's now possible to read and read and read in easy many-post-view format. The downside of recent LJ infrastructure updates is that color-choosing is no longer possible in the "add friends" interface; which is inconvenient, since I rely on color-coding to tell LJs apart.
  • I wonder how it happened that almost no one in the Toronto SF crowd use LJ, and absolutely everyone here in the UK does? LJ is a topic of conversation at nearly every SF-related event I have been to here.

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