S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
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Events and dilemmas

This weekend: Getting work done and Picocon vs. Ritual Healing in Antiquity and the Middle Ages (technically, I could mix-and-match a bit on these events; also, possibility of talk on giant salamanders)

End of May: Anime North vs. Wiscon

Something which is not-at-all an event dilemma is a play reading this weekend in Oxford, The Influence of Beauty, written by IHPST's very own Marianne Fedunkiw. I'm going Friday night, if anyone is interested in joining me.

“The Influence of Beauty”

The Story of Dr Dorothea Clara Maude in Serbia – A Drama in Three Acts
by Dr Marianne P Fedunkiw

Play Readings: 16-18 February 2006 at 6.30pm
Venue: Osler-McGovern Centre, 13 Norham Gardens, Oxford

Tickets: £10 each (Concessions £5) Payable on the night (Cash or cheque only)

Seats are limited and must be booked in advance by calling 01865 274600
or email belinda.michaelides@wuhmo.ox.ac.uk

This play is based upon the World War I diaries of English physician Dr Dorothea Clara Maude (1879-1959). Dr Maude was an alumna of Somerville College and the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine for Women, and practiced medicine in Oxford.

When WWI broke out, a group of female, British-trained physicians offered their services to the British War Office to serve as triage physicians and surgeons on the front line. Their offer was declined: they were told they could take the places of medical men who left practices and positions in England, but they would not be allowed to join the British medical teams at the front. This did not deter a group of them, among them Dr Elsie Inglis, who started the Scottish Women’s Hospitals, and Dr Maude who travelled independently to serve with five different field hospitals in France, Belgium and Serbia.

Original research was funded by an Alchemy Award from The Wellcome Trust (2004). The Alchemy Awards (formerly The Medicine Man Awards) was a new initiative aimed at expanding awareness of the Wellcome Trust Library and archives with the goal of bringing history of medicine to a wider, public audience.

Toronto history of science folk may be interested to know that this play will be performed at the Learneds in May at York University.

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