S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Mornington Crescent

This afternoon at Picocon, members of the three con teams, Enterprise, Serenity, and Galactica, competed in a competent, but ultimately rather pedestrian game of Mornington Crescent. Their plays were generally straightforward ones, primarily using major interchanges, and only twice venturing outside Zone 1 stations. The only real contention was when someone tried to play a long-closed station (not accepted) and when someone else tried to play Queensway, which is currently closed for reconstruction (accepted). All of which leads me to wonder a few things:

Which is the least-played station?
Is it permissible to play DLR stations under many of your favorite rule sets?
Are any rule sets outré enough to include Thameslink stations?

Picocon was a pleasant, small, day con, the first of the con-going season, I'm told, and hosted by the Imperial Science Science Fiction Society. Three guests of honor (Natasha Mostert, Ian Watson, and Mark Roberts) entertained and examined everything from obscure diseases to publishing SF-romance crossovers. Apparently there was also LAN gaming, pub socialization, and various other things going on, but I only wandered by the vendors long enough to try my hand at fishing for prime numbers with flick and drplotka. billyabbott advised me on the backstory to the annual not-a-fish-duel, Imperial vs. Cambridge. This year, for the first time, using sea bass and sea bream, Imperial won. I listened to many of the talks in the company of BSFA friends A and T. Also recognized-with-LJ-names there were hawkida (post-fish) and purplecthulhu (I don't work on ritual healing, I just like Warburg conferences).
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