S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Food report

Dinner was really good. I intended to have both the main dish and the dessert from an amazing, highly recommended tart shop, but their refridgerator repairperson is, evidently, incompetent. They were very unhappy bakers. This was the fourth time in a few weeks the freezer has failed them. The freezer held the savouries. So much for the idea of a main course from them. However, as they told the woman also patronizing the store at the same time, the pastries without eggs or butter in their primary ingredients might still be okay, if substandard. We were welcome to walk off with 'em. Cheap (free), if imperfect, way to try the product. Still, once warmed in the over, they made very nice appetizers. I'm glad I took advantage of the offer.

In need of a sudden substitute for high-quality quiche, I went with roast chicken, and made the cranberry sage sauce we normally use on meatloaf, but thickened more. It was REALLY good. And the salad was nice. I went just far enough out of my way today to make it to a store which sold good balsamic vinegar (we were out - too many nice recipes and salads call for it). And it's nice having L. back in town. She brought over a bottle of white (from her copious accumulations of party alcohol she keeps trying to be rid of) and we did some catchup from her month away.

And, although no one else 'needed' them at the end of the meal, I'm happy it's strawberry season.

(Overlooked work note: I now have buttons in my Sources Db which do clever things. Happy with them.)

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