S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I had a very pleasant lunch today with a senior academic in my field, and we talked at length over the challenges and necessities of having books published, on both sides of the Atlantic. I have several promising ideas, the most immediately constructive of which, of course, involves turning several central chapters of my dissertation into the basis for a book. I should begin work on this posthaste, strike while the dissertation is fresh.

I have a new project I'm just starting work on, a history of invention edition. While there will be plenty of spin-off scholarship, I'm sure, the senior academic wisely gave me some perspect on the project: in history departments, editions don't count for much on the original scholarship scale. A pity, really, since there aren't nearly enough people working on editions and translations in medieval studies. I'll still be working on this project, but for the good of my immediate career prospects, I should spend less time working on it than other writing projects right now.
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