S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

If only student accomodation were really like this...but cheaper

Commentary on a for-profit student housing company which sent around a university-approved questionairre on housing desires and willingness to pay for features for current U of T students...

"The survey includes a description of a student housing complex with
whirlpools, monitored security, a gym, a tanning bed, etc.Ê Everything but
room service it seems.Ê It also contains questions like "how much extra
would you pay for a private hot tub on your balcony?" and "how much extra
would you pay for designer countertops?".Ê What about "virtual golf"?Ê A
big-screen tv with surround sound?Ê Finger-print ID security?Ê A penthouse
"The suggested rents in the survey are outrageous and discouraging.Ê From $1,500
for a bachelor to almost $1,200 for a bedroom in a 4-bedroom complex!
Utilities, amenities, and furniture are all included.Ê However, for a
student population used to shopping at the swap show and IKEA and living
without rooftop pools, I think we can get more for our money - like pay our

For those who don't know the Toronto housing market: for $1200 you can get a respectable one bedroom apartment; for $1500 you can find a decent 2 bedroom place. A room in a house or a shared apartment can be had for $400, although if it's half an apartment can be up to $700 or so.

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