S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Accents/Above and beyond the call of delivery

In conversation with two scholars last night, one a grad student, the other retired, we fell into a conversation about accents. The other two were British, but their accents confused by moving and education to enough of a degree that neither could decipher where the other was from. In the name of fairness, the elder then tried his hand at deciphering mine - not that he knew much about American accents.

He observed, among other things, that I speak English almost as if I were a non-native speaker. Of course, he's right. I do speak English as a second language - my native tongue is American.

Thanks to a flier sent to entice us months ago, we've been fairly regularly ordering delivery from Nakhon Thai, a restaurant with two branches in London. Tonight, the delivery man asked us if we'd ever been to the restaurant. We haven't.

He tried describing its location, but invoked unfamiliar landmarks. In short order, he switched approaches. If we ever want to go, he said, just call them, and the manager will come over and drive us to the restaurant. C. look askance, but the guy was absolutely serious. Now that would be good service!
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