S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Dodo spotting

Today I went to the Natural History Museum with something like 15 people I don't know* and looked at shiny crystals, meteorites, and soaring ceilings. (Do you spot a common theme in my week?). I learned that rocks can have felted fibers, be masses or massives, and that many of them, despite appearance, are colorless. Disappointingly, the NHM Earth Galleries escalator no longer goes through a revolving Earth**; perhaps too many people were disoriented by it.

Best of all, I saw two dodos***, stuffed, on display in the bird gallery. They are far larger than I remember them being, a good half of my height, if not more.

* I am misleading. I do know taldragon and cynicaloptimist, both of whom were there, plus D-the-houseguest and, for the pub afterwards, C. as well. But there were a good 14 or so other people there whom I didn't know.
** I used to advertise this to my friends as the best free amusement park-style ride in London.
*** *plock plock*

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