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Good, on balance

I had a good day, but bad things have been happening to many people I know lately: a good friend of the family back home (quite elderly but in good health) broke a leg while bicycling - fell into the river when the path curved sharply right by the water; his wife is falling apart over it; another friend's beloved cat died; a friend of C.'s from York died. And so on.

But I'm doing well. It makes me feel particularly lucky that this week has been a good one - give or take the ominous lack of dissertation work. We learned an overhand stroke today. Everything we've learned thus far has been intended to send the birdie very high into the air to give us all time to aim and hit it. Power serves. Unlike yesterday, I remembered to bring the book for Lindsay to borrow. I was having a flaky day yesterday. There was a meeting to coordinate for the SHOT meeting, and I did a few hours of ITER work (still not the fusion reactor!). Today's journal was rather tedious - it's a quarterly which started back in 1941. After 2 hours, I'm still only up to 1986 for my numbering report. And I remembered to send out invites to my sister's birthday party! Hurray!

I also received an invite to a Smith Alums event next month - the first successfully organized event since I moved to Toronto, at least, that I've had an invite to.

I'm not hogging all the goodness though: rhiannon76 passed her MA exam!


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Sep. 26th, 2002 05:15 am (UTC)
Drop of evil
Here's a little drop of evil: the Ithaca book sale, which you can't get to, is opening the SAME DAY that Cornell is showing a film called Rivers and Tides featuring Andy Goldsworthy. Wish I could wrap the weekend up in a brown paper package and mail it your way!
Sep. 26th, 2002 02:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Drop of evil
Oooh, that sounds like fun. I'd like to see the film. I didn't make it to whatever Goldsworthy movie was showing when I was home the other weekend since we were way too busy either. It might even have been the same one. Some day!

P.S. Jenene says she probably won't be able to reply to email at least until Sunday.
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