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I've had no email in or out since last night; fun with mail servers. If you need to reach me for some reason, use some other method - comment here or phone.

This will make arranging tonight's dinner appointment tonight fun...

Update: Ah, mail servers. Email is trickling in with langorous nonchalance. Two in total have arrived so far, over the course of the past half-an-hour. Dinner was arranged via phone, after tracking down dining companion's work number.

I am gleeful that my dining companion chose a café for us to meet which I have been to, not weeks past. Earlier last month, someone asked me if I knew of the pub Cittie of Yorke. Why yes, yes I did. These are the moments which settle me gradually into a new(ish) city.

Further Update: Email is normal again, after 24 hours of being unable to send. It sure is nice to be able to communicate again via the usual channels.