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In the news: Art and Beer

One of my favorite London restuarants is Belgo Centraal, part of the Belgo chain. There's a BBC article this week on how the parent company is having some financial struggles and is closing some of the Belgos: happily, those being closed do not include its major London ones. I have a frequent eater card for the restaurant, which is a bit amusing since I acquire about one stamp a year on it, working my way very, very slowly towards a free lunch there sometime. It was thanks to this restaurant that I discovered there is beer I like: fruit beers which don't taste like they're beer at al, but rather a mildly alcoholic fruity soft drink. But really, are beers.

Also in the news, some of the frescos damaged in Assissi in the earthquake about 4 years ago have been restored. It says a great deal about Italian - or perhaps international - interest that the shattered frescoes have been restored, but several of the major living areas for the monks who actually inhabit the monastery have not been - yet.