S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


There is little in life so satisfying as having one's books finally in order (with nearly enough bookshelf space for the most necessary of them)...

except for the satisfaction of a truly fabulous jar of Apple and Elderflower Chutney -

and except for the very great pleasure of a leisurely wander around the Borough Market in delightful company of fjm, miramon, and matociquala (who offered to send me popcorn if I should become desperate for sources of it!).

On Monday, I ran out of A4 printing paper.
On Tuesday, I found there were no stationers in Canary Wharf, so no printing paper could be purchased there.
On Wednesday, I found that the company from which I was mail ordering printing ink charged for postage purely based on weight - so paper wasn't worth ordering from them.
On Thursday, I found that all the stationers in the City close at 6pm - and I arrived there around 6:15.
On Friday, I went to the Borough Market and bought A4 printing paper. (Well... across the street from it.)
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