S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


For the second time this month, it looks as if I have 12 hours of missing email. Certainly no LJ comments from around 6pm until this morning arrived and the lack of spam from the same period clinches it. If you emailed me last night or first thing this morning, please send again?

My mouse is dying, and that puts a certain damper on my computer habits too. Oh, I'll be buying a new mouse soon, but I might be doing it in the states to replace the mouse I have with the same thing. I'm very fond of this particular model, you see. It not only looks good, but it fits my hand nicely.

And speaking of my computer, it did an exceedingly rare thing this morning, and crashed, taking with it still-open tabs (as usual), so I'm sure I'll miss out on posts to which I meant to respond.

I spent my morning with houseguest aquitaineq. Now for taxes, writing, and other useful things. Wolves in the Walls tonight!

Also, I now have a backlog of four restaurants to write about. How have I managed to be too busy to do that?
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