S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

At the Kalamazoo Airport

After a leisurely brunch, juniperus generously drove me to the airport this morning. We stood chatting as I checked myself in using the self check-in machine, several yards from the desk. A handful of people were standing in line, and I wasn't really in a rush, and I was sidetracked in conversation. Moments later, a cheery woman appears before me. "Are you S. Worthen?" she asked, holding luggage tags in streamers from her hand. I boggled. She had come to find me. Talk about customer service!

Later, on the airplane, the pilot confirmed we were all on the right flight, "This is Northwest Flight 1241 for Aruba and Barbados." Expeditiously, by way of our scheduled, not announced, destinations, I'm now safely in Connecticut for a few days of restfulness and grandmotherly visit. It's hard work conferencing.
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