S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Tonight are the Eurovision semi-finals! All the countries which didn't score high enough last year will be competeing tonight. Happily, the UK scored well last year, so we only have to hear its entry once, on Saturday.

The UK's entry is one of the novelty ones this year: school girls singing a kind of catchy refrain, and the composer rapping saccharine moral lyrics about going to school. On the side of variety and interest, at least it's not a song about love.

Finland, of course, has been getting most of the Eurovision gossip, thanks to its striking entry of an '80s-style heavy metal band all dressed up in extravagant latex costumes. They're another novelty entry, and are competing tonight. (Where "novelty" means "strikingly odd". I think I'll count Lithuania in this category too with their whiny "We are the winners".)

But not all the entries are dubious! Belgium's song is engaging. The most likeable, however, is Denmark's "Twist of Love", a modern country-rock response to '50s music. It was the only video which we watched all the way through when sampling this weekend's entrants.

The official website is here - see the "Multimedia Lounge" link at the top of the page for videos and for streaming the contest. (Windows Media only.) The BBC has a generally better site for the contest though - and it uses RealPlayer.
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