S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Cooking experiment

I don't generally even order enchiladas at Mexican restaurants, but I'm making them tonight with the leftover taco meat from Sunday. They should be just fine - hopefully! - we'll see. I couldn't find a single source easily accessible to tell me how to make enchilada sauce, so I extrapolated from 2 different online recipes.

Speaking of food, I neglected to mention the details of the single most important element of last night's dinner: the tarts. One lime tart; one Mexican chocolate chipotle tart (lovely and chocolatety with a linger after-tingle); and raspberry chocolate truffle tart. Yes, they were really, really good. Yes, I would happily go back. The store is called the Queen of Tarts.

Work today: More hit and miss than many of my recent days. I was easily, if relevantly, sidetracked. I've figured out - in theory - how to sort multiple-entry records into alphabetical order. However, I've also forgotten how to do basic binary sorts since I have to write the alphabetization script myself. I spent half an hour half-hearted poking around to look for an easily accessible explanation and then postponed the project. I know I have one in my C textbook, but that's back home, and this is the first time I've wanted anything at all from it in years and years. So no, I don't need it now. . I added a few more records, cleaned up a few interfaces, fell asleep for an hour. I didn't attend either day of the Renaissance conference and now it's over. Most of the sessions were in Italian since it's the first of a 3-part conference, continued next week in Naples and Salerno.

On Friday, Jen might be taking me shopping for cheap, but decent, deck furniture.

Correction from yesterday: I typo'd. The person in my year is getting married next Tuesday, not next year. There's a very big difference! They decided about 3 weeks ago - partially hurried for visa reasons, but at least it's been generally intended for quite a while.

Also - yes, C, I can stop being QUITE so cryptic here. I still want to do it for the human beings, but absolutely, I'm happy to spread word about wonderful restaurants, tart shops, and the games I've been playing.

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