S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Four Years of LJ Encounters

Four years ago, I started using LiveJournal. It was not a social move on my part. I used it as a tool to get me started on the beginning phases of writing my dissertation. Little did I know that before long, it would be a better way of staying in touch with friends, getting back in touch with friends, and networking with others in my field(s). And so it is.

Putting the LJers I know, or am somehow connected to, into lists has become something of an annual tradition for me, and since I like making lists, why stop now? Plenty of non-LJ-using webloggers belong in these lists too, of course. I've excluded them to keep this project from getting out of hand, and because this is specifically an LJ anniversary. The lists were compiled by editing last year's, so there may be a few accidental exclusions. The names in paretheses are those of people who belong in the list, but for whom the list has very little or nothing to do with why I know them. I've included various people not on my friendslist, but who I've met.

Relatives: geesepalace, marzapane, printperson

Smith-related friends: althanna, alysonwonderlan, austengirl, ballincollig, brennabe, (chamaeleoncat), (cocoasushigrrl), darkling_dreams, darktouch, dunkelza, f_butterfly, filthyassistant, flos_campi, innostrantsa, karabean, la_monday, ladyarren, littleowl, (marzapane), maps_or_guitars, marzapane, mathilde, (minira), (moochmooch), my_tw0_cents, nepenthe01, paladyn, (printperson), retsuko, rhiannon76, samueljl, sioneva, suzuno

York-related friends: (beeswing), (black_faery), (_cassidy_), (childeric), (chilperic), darkling_dreams, dendarii, evieb, (irisbleu), kashmera, lazyknight, lifegivingsword, madcatlady, makyo, mirrorshard, my_tw0_cents, nuthouse, (rhube), stonecircle, thirstypixel, wibblepot

Toronto medievalists: aliciam, (amberspyglass), antheiasilva, azi_dahaka, ballincollig, chamaeleoncat, consiliaetfacta, curtana, cwjat, dark_age_gal, double0hilly, gleodream, griffinick, henchminion, in_translation, lady_octavia, larkvi, morchu, my_tw0_cents, philoclea, piratehead, pittenweem, saffenn, saffronjan, schizmatic, sursamajor, venite_bestiae, ypocras

Other medievalists: a_d_medievalist, ancrenewiseasse, angevin2, cataptromancer, celandineb, childeric, chilperic, ericamerrin, garrity, irisbleu, jandersoncoats, juniperus, justinsomnia, medievalist, morganlf, naomichana, pockawida, rhiannon76, rhodri2112, rymenhild, suffisaunce, tiruncula, tsutanai

Other Torontonian connections: acrabtree, aerinah, (artifuss), benet, boywhocantsayno, carmen_sandiego, chickenfeet2003, (c_iulius), cocoasushigrrl, green_trilobite, hereward, (intertext), ireactions, lemur_catta, marahsk, mm_fijagh, moon_custafer, my_tw0_cents, rfmcdpei, snowdrifted, (square_egg), thebigbad, theengineer, ultrascichick, venite_bestiae, zero_gravity

London connections: (austengirl), billyabbott, circehellene, childeric, chilperic, clothsprogs, coalescent, coth, coughingbear, dendarii, drplotka, ewtikins, fjm, flickgc, (gillo), headgardener, (intertext), keira_online, kekhmet, livredor, nou, nou_cooks, oursin, pfy, purple_cthluhu, realtan_dannan, rjw1, rozk, taldragon, thedarkpoint, thegardener, thespis_mellie, tjej, toscas_kiss, vschanoes

Mush folk: (amberspyglass), (articangel02), (azhreia), bromith, cliosfolly, crustycurmudgeo, (cynicaloptimist), (daisho), flos_campi, (gleth), helenschappell, ivpiter, jascot, jenipurr, jennybeast, littleowl, (mithent), onlyocelot, relentlesstoil, rippah, samueljl, skeller, suzuno, svb1972, (taldragon), tammabanana

Encountered in SciFi/Fantasy clubs and cons: alysonwonderlan, andromakie, angrykat, (artifuss), autopope, benet, (black_faery), boywhocantsayno, brennabe, brief_music, brisingamen, coalescent, clothsprogs, darkling_dreams, darktouch, dragonmango, drplokta, eddie777, evieb, f_butterfly, feorag, filthyassistant, fishlifter, fjm, flos_campi, fluffcthluhu, fluffygoth, frostfox, graham_sleight, green_trilobite, hawkida, hedgies, henchminion, ireactions, jeffreyab, jennybeast, kaijugal, kashmera, la_monday, ladyarren, lazyknight, littleowl, madcatlady, major_clanger, makyo, marahsk, mathilde, (matociquala), mm_fijiagh, moon_custafer, munquie, nolley, paladyn, papersky, paul_skevington, pola_bear, retsuko, sarcasm_hime, sioneva, sirboodle, stormwindz, theengineer, tnh, wishus, zero_gravity

Partners of friends make good friends too: aca, (bromith), curtana, hedgies, jennaria, jerryrigged, lemur_catta, lemurbouy, lifegivingsword, naxos, revengel, samueljl, svb1972

None of the above; those whom I encountered in much more interesting ways than usual: also_boni, artifuss, austengirl, clanwilliam, clothsprogs, d_benway, doctor_mama, easterbunny, gillo, gravities, haggisthesecond, kharin, koimistress, ladyceres, lowredmoon, minira, mizu_gami, momiji, noncalorsedumor, oursin, ozarque, papersky, phonephobic, redjanet, siusaidh, suslikuk, toscas_kiss, truepenny, tsenft, verlaine, wakarusa, wytetgryss, zephre

Originally encountered through LJ: a_zoetrope, aca, a_d_medievalist, ajhalluk, aliciam, also_boni, amberspyglass, anayajay, angevin2, aquitaineq, articangel02, artifuss, austengirl, beeswing, brisingamen, c_iulius, cataptromancer, cavmn, chickenfeet2003, childeric, curtana, d_benway, doctor_mama, double0hilly, drhegarty, dsgood, easterbunny, forthright, garrity, gravities, haggisthesecond, hawkida, intertext, irisbleu, jandersoncoats, jennaria, jerryrigged, juniperus, justinsomnia, kharin, koimistress, lady_fairiedus, lemur_catta, lemurbouy, medievalist, minira, mizu_gami, momiji, morganlf, naomichana, naxos, noncalorsedumor, opportunitygrrl, oursin, papersky, phonephobic, pockawida, redjanet, rosetta_stone, saffronjan, sollersuk, spiritrover, square_egg, suffisaunce, suslikuk, sweetsatingirl, tammabanana, truepenny, tsenft, tsutanai, verlaine, zero_gravity

Cascading LJ connections:
cliosfolly, saffronjan, tammabanana, jerryrigged, cavmn, double0hilly, aquitaineq, genibane
rhiannon76, easterbunny, haggisthesecond, gravities, redjanet, lowredmoon
easterbunny, aca, rplackett, jhaelan, billyabbott, rjw1, drplotka, flickgc, realtan_dannan, thedarkpoint, elvum, denalyia, rsking, kekhmet
irisbleu, jennaria, toscas_kiss, daegaer, louiselux, lifegivingsword
madcatlady, black_faery, _cassidy_, rhube
fjm, chilperic, vschanoes, circehellene, rozk, swisstone, ladymoonray, childeric, miramon, matociquala, headgardener, thegardener
sioneva, targaff, thedoughnut, thespis_mellie, taldragon, cynicaloptimist, gleth, mithent, daisho, azhreia
mirrorshard, nou, rjw1, uon, keira_online, pfy, ewtikins, livredor, hairyears

Those I've never met: a_zoetrope, also_boni, angevin2, arcticangel02, artifuss, beeswing, bonibaru, bromith, c_iulius, cataptromancer, cavmn, crustycurmudgeo, d_benway, doctor_mama, dr_hegarty, ericamerrin, garrity, jandersoncoats, jascot, jennaria, jerryrigged, kharin, koimistress, lemurbouy, minira, mizu_gami, momiji, noncalorsedumor, (opportunitygrrl), ozarque, phonephobic, rippah, skeller, sollersuk, (spiritrover), square_egg, suffisaunce, suslikuk, sweetsatingirl, tiruncula, truepenny, tsenft, tsutanai, verlaine, violetsaunders, wytetgryss, zephre

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