S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

From there to here

  • Economy class was full, so I sat in the premium economy section - all the same service but with MUCH comfier seats. Leg room. Leg support. A comfortable chair means that I feel in better shape after this flight than most.

  • One by one, the cars on busy Dixon Rd. stopped to let a family of geese, with four half-grown goslings, cross the road.

  • Checking in at Anime North is so much more pleasant when the line consists of all of two people. Apparently the line was far longer earlier in the evening, and will certainly be wrapping around the block at various points during tomorrow afternoon. Despite conflicting with Anime Boston and Media West (and Plokta.con pi) this weekend, the number of attendees continue to grow. This year, it's forecast for around 12,000 people.

  • Both books I read on the plane feature explanations of pubs, rural English villages, romance, and people pretending to be people they're not. Only one of them is a fantasy novel.

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