S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Waiting in line for the Kotoko concert Waiting in line for the Kotoko concert
This is a reflection in the window of a closed shop of a tiny fragment of the long line I stood in to get into the Kotoko concert. The hotel swimming pool - with sunlight and umbrellas - is behind the window which is behind the line.
Between the Kotoko concert and the masquerade, I spent at least four hours standing in line on Saturday at Anime North. The Kotoko concert line was the duller of the two, as I was sandwiched between two self-contained groups. But at least I was in the air-conditioning. When the Kotoko concert ended, the masquerade line was already out of the door of the hotel and starting to snake around the parking lot in the afternoon sunshine. I ended up with an entertaining group of three other people, each of whom had been abandoned by the friends they'd come with. One was sunburnt already from having stood outside during the Kotoko line. One was con staff and a costumer. One was a first-time cosplayer, flabbergasted by passing requests for photos of her in her costume.
Tags: anime north

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