S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Toronto Changes

Buildings long under construction/reconstruction in Toronto are slowly being reveals, or have finally opened. The MARS project was aglow with office lights in the early evening, illumining rows of books askew and cluttered desks. The U of T Pharmacy building is shiny and intriguingly alien on the inside, with the nearby engineering (?) tower a decisive vertical among lower instructional buildings. The Gardiner ceramics museum is finally visible again, emerging from its veil of scaffolding. The perennial Mr. Sub at Bedford and Bloor must be closing before long - its site is due to be yet another condo building. More and more condo sites speckle the south end of midtown Bay St. And at long, long last, the York U. subway extesion is finally really in the works.

My favorite Toronto clothing store, Any Direct Flight, is missing in action. It's not where it was, and I don't now know where it is, if anywhere.

Urban Thai was closed for renovations last week, but this week the brown paper is down, and finishing touches are being put on a slick new interior.

Slowly but surely, the city changes, revitalizes, moves on.
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