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K'zoo 2007 Weblog Session

Dear Medievalists who have Weblogs,

This year's "Weblogs and the Medieval Academy" roundtable discussion at Kalamazoo was a success enough that Elisabeth Carnell and I put in a request for two session for 2007, another roundtable, and a new pedagogy session on weblogs in the classroom. We received one session and now need to decide which would be the more valuable session for next year.

Complication: Another organization will be hosting a roundtable in 2007 on the use of forums, blogs, and wikis in the classroom.

Poll #748142 K'zoo 2007 Weblog Session Decision

Which would you rather attend next year, or which do you feel is the more valuable?

An all-purpose roundtable on medievalists and weblogs
Papers/demonstrations on the use of weblogs in particular as a teaching tool

Although I have done this in LJ poll format for convenience, feel free to answer in a comment instead, especially those of you without a LiveJournal or OpenID account.


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Jun. 14th, 2006 11:15 pm (UTC)
I like both ideas. If the former, I would try to focus it more and build on some of the things that came up last time, like networking with other medievalists in small departments, or on connecting with non-academics. One of the things I noticed at the RT was that almost everybody in the audience blogged or wanted to blog. Really, it started to get more interesting when blogs and pedagogy came up. That's what made people stay in the room for an extra 20 or so minutes.
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