S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

K'zoo 2007 Weblog Session

Dear Medievalists who have Weblogs,

This year's "Weblogs and the Medieval Academy" roundtable discussion at Kalamazoo was a success enough that Elisabeth Carnell and I put in a request for two session for 2007, another roundtable, and a new pedagogy session on weblogs in the classroom. We received one session and now need to decide which would be the more valuable session for next year.

Complication: Another organization will be hosting a roundtable in 2007 on the use of forums, blogs, and wikis in the classroom.

Poll #748142 K'zoo 2007 Weblog Session Decision

Which would you rather attend next year, or which do you feel is the more valuable?

An all-purpose roundtable on medievalists and weblogs
Papers/demonstrations on the use of weblogs in particular as a teaching tool

Although I have done this in LJ poll format for convenience, feel free to answer in a comment instead, especially those of you without a LiveJournal or OpenID account.

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