S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


  • Cheshire Crossing is a whimsical new web comic, the first volume of which is now out. It features all sorts of wonderful things. It's too bad that it'll be 3-6 months before the next volume is likely out. (via bonibaru)
  • Things to do in London this Saturday: "At the Millennium Bridge, architect Lord Noman Foster will escort the sheep across the Thames." In honor of the beginning of the London Architecture Biennale, there will be a procession of bishop-blessed sheep making their way from Southwark Cathedral all the way across the river to Smithfield Market, starting at 10:30 am.
  • In the fourteenth century, according to the Meaux Chronicles, a freak hailstorm took out one farmer's field, not touching those around it. Last weekend, a freak hailstorm took out one of the oldest public libraries in the country. Here my analogy fails, for there were no other libraries around it. Still, sad and frustrating, especially given the increasingly poor state of libraries in the UK and lack of funding for them. (via gillo and cronaca)
  • vschanoes is a scholar of fairy tales, and was interviewed for a feature on the next collector's edition of The Princess Bride. It's always nifty when scholarly respectability can be properly applied to things of delight and fannishness.
  • If I had anything else to add to this list, I can no longer remember it because it died with my machine (again). My laptop was up and working for a good hour or two there before the same thing happened as several times earlier. I wonder what else I can do to try repairing it, shy of a full system reinstall.

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