S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Good, the Stressful, and the Rather Odd

Last year, as some of you know, an absolutely amazingly wonderful fantastically fabulous exhibit came to Toronto about 2 months before Fellowship of the Ring opened. It was an exhibit of tons and tons of props and costumes from the movie! A gorgeous and exhibiting show, and it was held in Casa Loma, the closest thing to a castle this city has.

This year... there's going to be another one! Yes, lots and lots and lots of props and costumes and photos and drawings from The Two Towers. And this time it's going to be even more conveniently situated than at Casa Loma - it'll be at the ex-planetarium, ex-COM, still-attached-to-the-ROM building, right across the street from my department, and it'll be here for all of November. That's a Very Good Thing!

Another good thing: my department is celebrating its 35th anniversary and in honor of that, is putting on a play about the discovery of Oxygen by 2 Nobel-prize winning scientists, who will be there for the presentation of the play. (The potentially stressful: they don't have a big budget, so it'll be a student production, recruiting from within our own ranks.)

The Stressful: much as I am excited about my sister coming to visit and hosting a party for her on Friday, I'm very much feeling as if the apartment can't possibly be clean and organized in time for the party, let alone her arrival.

The Rather Odd: I did most of my work hours today. The editors, or perhaps the typesetters, of today's journal, paid poor attention to details in the 1920s and 1930s. The journal skips 10 years at one point, but with continuous numbering... and only about 12 years later do they retrospectively make up for that gap and up the numbering by 10. I thought it was another typo at first but no, this one they stuck with. Two sequential issues were also rather entertainingly dated as being published in 1495. (4 and 9 switched - but the alternate reading is more entertaining.)

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