S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Incoming Sister!

My sister arrives tomorrow!

I've been frantically cleaning and tidying and laundry doing. One of the white sheets is now a fetching shade of pale mint, very evenly dyed. (That would be because it was washed with green sheets.) It think it's benefited from the change.

Day in highlights:
- I turned in an ITER assignment and worked more on the wacky Spanish journal.
- Badminton was extremely strenuous - towards the end I was making lots of mistakes out of fatigue and now my legs are sore in the way they used to be right after the first fencing class of the semester - we did lots of lunges. Stairs hurt.
- I didn't really feel I understood today's latin, but that's okay, class explained it.
- Ran errands. I'm now the proud owner of another desk organizer thing. And the correct kind of vacuum cleaner bags.
- Went to departmental talk - it was a good one on lots of potential careers for people graduating from my department, starting with the importance of focusing on finishing the degree first. It's no good if you don't have it.
- A nice dinner with guest speaker and 6 people from my department, rounded up at the reception. Good discussions, especially on space programs, GPS, how lousy Canadian banks are, and the state of grant-giving institutions in Canada.
- Cleaning! Laundry!
- So many LJ postings today to catch up on! So many things happening in the world!

There you go.

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