S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Goods Shed

Location: Next door to Canterbury West train station

The Goods Shed is a local farmer's market, open six days a week for a generous number of hours. It offers vegetables, herbs, meats, local ciders and apple juices, charcuterie, imported French and Spanish goodies, and in-house produced pastries, sandwiches, tarts, and salads. When I went back for a second time on Sunday, I had the best sausage roll of my life from the stand just inside the doorway, thrown in as a freebie with my lunch for the train: sweet, tender pastry coddled quality, lightly seasoned meat.

Good as that is, that's not all the Goods Shed is. It's also a restaurant. The market and restaurant were built together in a symbiotic relationship where 95 percent of the restaurant's produce comes from the farmer's market, and its support helps draw in the crowds, and keep all the small businesses going. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner with an ever-changing menu written up on the chalk board.

I started with a revelatory pear-mint-lime juice which showed me what non-pulpy pear juice can do well. (Plus it got me wondering how many other dishes can be made only from ingredients which all have the same number of letters in their names.) The gazpacho was tart and sweet and smooth, redolent of summer freshness. The rabbit burger was competent, sided with mustard and tomato relish, tender, buttery potatoes and a mixed veg grill which successfully included whole spring onions. Chocolate mousse was appealing, fluffy light, dark but not too strong, a gentle finish.

Service was leisurely and friendly which suited my needs just fine. The restaurant is on a raised platform overlooking the spectacle of the market, flowers and salves, eco-friendly cleaners, recreation historic railway engine, restored old beams supporting what looked like a more recently updated ceiling.

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