S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

First Impressions

One Corpse too Many, Ellis Peters - My first Peters Book! A charming tale of murder, in which, with the exception of a slew of deaths at the beginning, All The Right Things Happen To All The Right People.

Acorna's Triumph, Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Anne Scarborough - The perky soap opera continues. I'd rather like to read the book of which this one read like a summary.

Drumline (movie) - It feels like a documentary about marching bands with token moralistic plot about Working With Others for framework.

Bring It On Again (movie) - I had meant to order the prequel, but apparently didn't. A mockumentary about the sport of cheerleading with token plot about teamwork. Not actually funny.

Fantastic Four (movie) - Better than I thought it might be, and reasonably entertaining. The best-done bits are the sequence in which the foursome start manifesting their powers.

Computer repair shop - The infrastructure seems competent, and it came with reasonable online recommendations. I was only mildly taken aback when, for the first time for me with computer repairs, I had to pay for the intial assessment in advance. Also, it will be 8-10 working days before assessment even occurs, due to backlog.

Bloglines - I accidentally marked all my first feeds as read after clicking on the folder icon in the hopes that something rather different would happen. Other than my apparent inability to mark something as unread once it is read, it seems like a promising service to tide me back over to my own working machine and possible desktop-based rss readers. Speaking of working machines, my loaner laptop is in good shape now that I've copied over my preferences and mail files and suchlike. I can once again read email in a normal fashion.

LJTalk - What a clever idea! LJTalk is based on Jabber, the same chat protocol that GoogleTalk uses - among other services - and so are all interoperable. I'm still getting to know Psi as a client - I realized late last night that the reason nothing was happening with my client was because all events were showing up very discreetly and in such a way as I would never notice unless I went looking. I'll fix that then. C. speculates that LJTalk will do more to raise Jabber's profile than GoogleTalk does, since no one ever talks about the protocol when they mention G'Talk.
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