S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


My NI interview is tomorrow morning. I feel as if there's more I ought to do to prepare; but really, it's just a bit of bureaucracy.

Mid-morning Saturday, there was a loud knock at our door. Most of our neighbors were there - a flood was in progress. In the flat across the hall, water was pouring down through the smoke detector. On the other side of the hall, it dripped steadily and audibly down the ventilation shaft. We don't obviously have any of the damp, but it seems just a matter of time - given the volume of water involved - before we have mold.

I wish I knew for certain that I'm going to have a working laptop for my forthcoming trip to the states. It would make getting work done in transit so much easier.

Although I've had it before, my revelation of the evening (while at cthuliefest '06) was Früli strawberry. I had no idea - it comes in pints?
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