S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
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Helvetica, the typeface, will be the subject of Helvetica, the movie. It's due for film festival release next year, in honor of the typeface's fiftieth birthday.

Third bookstore lucky: I have a copy of Sherwood Smith's new book Inda to read while travelling. Speaking of recent publications and the like produced by LJers, I read The Lies of Locke Lamora on the flight over, and just this evening watched the new Princess Bride dvd, with accompanying featurette starring vschanoes and d_aulnoy.

I had an excellent time at the state fair on Monday. More about that - and lots of photos! - in the near future. The photos include pie photos. Pie is on my mind this week since I'll be missing the third Great LiveJournal Pieoff (pieoff) this coming weekend. There were also spectacular things with balloons.

Elk horns are enormous. How on earth to they manage to carry them around? Their horns are practically larger than their bodies.

"a bit of" poll: The only two people to find the phrase alien are both current-or-recent graduate students of Jewish descent currently living in, but not necessary from, the mid-Atlantic states. Now I wish I knew more about whoever asked me about the phrase in the first place - maybe she was from the mid-Atlantic states too. Plenty of people from there think it sounds normal though. If I ever do a followup poll on this topic, it would cover two points: what is the opposite of "a bit of"? And whether or not "a bit of" is predominantly understatement or literal in its use.

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