S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Life post-visit

Despite all the rain lately, our plants are wilting. I'll go water them before I head out. Perhaps it just feels as if it's been raining a great deal since it's been brief bursts off and on, interspersed with perfectly good weather.

My sister left very early this morning, and I slept in far later than I should have as a consequence of being up too early to see her off. I'll be catching up on my life, perhaps tonight. There are many, many LJ entries to read, emails to reply to, homeworks to do, job hours to fulfill, meetings to attend, and I really need to update my calendar, since I already almost missed something yesterday.

Badminton was energetic but not exhausting yesterday, and I don't think it's because I'm any more in shape than I was the week before. We didn't do quite as much quite so fast this time. Last week we were reviewing what we already knew. This week we learned some new things: getting the back corners of the court, the forehand short serve, and the hand position for the basic backhand. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to practice these last two since the guy came to put away the nets before we were ready.

For those following the plot, we have 55 Vagantes abstracts this year, and a few more potential volunteers to host it in future years.

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