S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


First, it was the hosting service unexpectedly cancelling the third-party payment system yesterday. Then this afternoon, I couldn't send an urgent email using the usual smtp server. Eventually, I noticed no email had been delivered since earlier this afternoon, and that's when I went to ask C. if our hosting service had mentioned any changes. And indeed, there it was, an email announcing its closure later in September.

Our hosting service hasn't been fully reliable for a while, as overly attentive weblog readers will have observed over the past year as service vanishes for half-days at a time, sending any mail intended for my owlfish account into oblivion. This isn't the most useful of features in hosting service, and we'd been intending to switch for a while. C.'d already done the research, and today, with the unhappy combo of missing email and nearly-defunct service, he signed us up for a new provider. In 24-72 hours, my on-again-off-again email flakiness should (I hope!) be concluded.

But until then, I'm not going to be able to count on receiving anything.

In other daily trivia:
  • Fresh peaches and feta go wonderfully together, especially with a little black pepper for bite. My Arkansas grandmother introduced me to this combo which has been useful lunch fare over the course of this week.

  • I'm very excited to have a reservation for next week at L'Enclume.

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