S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Assorted news

Smithies: Happy Mountain Day! (Thanks, la_monday!)

Neil Gaiman: A wonderfully entertaining evening as usual with a very good storyteller. Lots of movie-related news. Had we not already bought tickets for Thursday's Pratchett event, we could have gotten them free by buying Fragile Things at the event. Apparently, Alan Moore will also be doing an evening with Blackwell's series, October 12th.

Theatre museum: Over sushi pre-Wicked, clothsprogs showed off all the photos he'd taken of andromakie in a Midsummer Night's Dream outfit, and miniosiris with full green-faced Elphaba makeup. All this fun, makeup, and costuming happened at the highly entertaining Theatre Museum, located right by Covent Garden in the heart of the theater district. Today, alas, brings it bad news. The Theatre Museum is closing in January, too expensive for the V&A to continue running as its own offshoot. A gallery in the main museum will be its replacement - but will they still have costumes and makeup to try out? Go now if you ever want to be sure you see the museum.

Washing machine, boiler: Water stained the carpet (ick) under the washing machine which is under the boiler on Thursday night. Lucky I happened to go back to the closet not ten minutes after I started the load. We let the load finish, then turned off the water to the washing machine, noting, in passing, the very slow and infrequent drips coming off of the front of the boiler. Which was it? Two days later, the water had largely dried, so the washing machine was to blame. Today: the repair guy just left. The drum is broken, he recommends the landlord replace the whole machine. Plus, the boiler is also broken, but it's repairable. Of course, to repair, it'll have to be drained at some point. A fine time to have this happen, with house equipped with houseguest as well as the usual two of us.

Scotland: My L'Enclume post grows steadily. I have so much to say about this restaurant, let alone all the other places we ate in Scotland. Meanwhile, read about a place we didn't go, but which I drooled over, in Edinburgh: The Passionate Cook visited The Witchery. I'd love to stay there someday... although it would involve seriously splashing out on the room in addition to the dinner.

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