S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I applied for a library carrel somewhen back in August. There was no confirmation that the online application was ever received. The form said that if I hadn't heard back from them by the middle of September, I should go check in the office myself. I didn't hear and never checked back, figuring at least I had a carrel to myself in my own department. (Although working in my department can be distracting - people stop by to socialize or have interesting conversations out in the common room.)

Today a letter from the library arrived, saying I have been assigned a carrel and, if I want it, to come in before the end of the month to claim it! Amazing! I think I probably will, just to see how well I work there. I can always give it up if I don't use it much. I'm at the library quite a bit these days anyways for work. Ironically, of the five floors of stacks in the library, they've assigned me one on the floor I use the least. Oh well. Better that than none, I guess.
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